How can I help you?

With more than 20 years of experience in infrastructure, I am happy to help improving your project in a safe and accessible way.

Project management, maintenance, and publications

In addition to road safety and accessibility, I have a long experience with road management/maintenance project management of smaller / mid-size projects, and have also prepared several publications in the form of handbooks and guides about ​road safety.


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Specific experience

Areas of particular focus in my work have been the development and expansion of the road network for extra long vehicles, and the layout and design of roadside areas such as truck stops, eV-charging areas and carpooling areas.

I also give lectures on safe road maintenance, accessibility, user behavior, crash analysis, systematic crash prevention, etc.

Strong teams for larger assignments

Feel free to contact me for a chat about your needs. For larger assignments and/or tasks that include topics outside my field of competence, I am happy to put together the perfect team for your task, with specialists from my network.