Selected references

Examples of selected assigments completed.

Road safety audits (RSA) and inspections (RSI)

RSA stage 3 and 4 of rest areas (expansion of truck parking and eV-charging parks), for the Danish Road Directorate 2023.

RSI of 10 km of highways in Buenos Aires, for the World Resources Institute 2023.

RSA stage 1 for bike infrastructure projects in Vejen and Tønder Municipalities, 2023.

RSA stages 2, 3 and 4 of intersection renewal and bike path on Ndr. Landevej, for Tønder Municipality 2022 – 2023.

RSA of pilot project on Ndr. Frihavnsgade, Copenhagen, for Copenhagen Municipality 2022.

RSA stage 3 of 5 bike infrastructure projects for the Danish Road Directorate 2022.

RSA stage 3 of new biking facilities on Brogade, Bjerringbro, for Viborg Municipality 2022.

RSA stage 2 and 3 of bus shelters and ramps at new Favrholm Station, for Rambøll 2022.

RSA stage 3 of new speed limit zones in the inner city, for Copenhagen Municipality 2021.

RSA stage 3, expansion of motorway sections to 130 km/h, for the Danish Road Directorate 2021.

RSA stage 2 and 3, reconstruction of Jernbanegade in Roskilde, for Roskilde Municipality 2021.

Accessibility audits

Accessibility audit of new access to Thisted Museum, for Thisted Municipality 2023.

Accessibility audit of new bike path on Gl. Randersvej, for Viborg Municipality 2023.

Accessibility audit stage 4, New forecourt at Gadstrup School, for Roskilde Municipality 2022.

Accessibility audit of the reconstruction of Gothersgade, for Copenhagen Municipality 2022.

Accessibility audit of Bro18, Sundkrogsgade, for SLETH Arkitekter 2021.

Road safety engineer for the Danish Accident investigation Board (AIB)

Consultant for AIB in specific analysis of night-time crashes, truck and tractor crashes. Surveying of crashsites and preparation of basic and technical contributions, crash data retrieval and analysis), statistics and thematic analyzes in connection with the investigation of serious crashes 2012 – 2021.

Investigation of fatal crashes

Analysis of fatal crashes, including inspection of crash sites, preparation of accident reports and data processing in the fatal crash database as well as quality assurance of crash, for the Danish Road Directorate 2013 – 2015 and 2021 – 2022. 

Road safety in general

Selected references

Guidebook on visibilty and road safety, for the Danish Road Directorate 2022 – 2023.

Screening of pedestrian crossings incl. video registration, for Viborg Municipality 2022.

Road safety and accessibility plan for Kibæk City, Herning Municipality 2021.

Update of speed zone signage in Varde city centre, for Varde Municipality 2021.

Road safety plan for Billund Municipality 2021.

Black spot analysis of 4 locations in Copenhagen, for the Danish Road Directorate 2020.

Handbook on the analysis of hazardous road sections and theme-based analyzes in collaboration with Trafikstil, for the Danish Road Directorate 2017.

Handbook on road safety and hard shoulder maintenance and renewal, for the Danish Road Directorate 2016.

Project Management

Project manager for 2 stage 1 congestion spot analyses, for the Danish Road Directorate 2023.

Devleopment and installment of dynamic parking guide signs directions for Billund Municipality 2016.

Access for extra long vehicles for 3 companies in Billund Municipality 2016.

Construction of new biking facilities on Nordmarksvej and Hans Jensens Vej, Billund Municipality 2016.